Roy Itzhack was born in Israel in 1979. At the age of 19, he moved to Tel Aviv, pursuing his dream of getting the skills and knowledge to become a fashion designer. After 4 years in the private design institute 'ASCOLA', he graduated with a specialization in leather tailoring. Following graduation he began working as a menswear designer.


Throughout the past 15 years, Roy has explored his abilities within the global & local textile industry, having been put to the test by both well-known European & local companies, working as a fashion designer and specializing in casual-wear & trend forecasting, while also being promoted to the higher position of Design Director for several brands during the last 10 years. He started building his own brand as part of his green way of living. Using the natural and obvious choice for him – leather – Roy redesigned the classic drawstring plastic bag shape, giving it a new intention and functionality.

Every collection which Roy produces is characterized by clean design features, combined with multi-functional composites as a finished product. Each product is made with the "urban type" customers in mind; the people who seek design, quality, and comfort integrated perfectly together in their most hard-working accessory. This allows the products to fit well with a variety of personalities, with both men and women alike enjoying the smart unisex style of the JUD bags & accessories.

Roy Itzhack JUD